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Interactive Exercise
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Mastery method for mathematics
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There is no gift a father gives his child more virtuous than good manners
-(Tirmidhi Hadith No. 4977).

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Online Madrasah supporting anyone from homeschooling and even school going children to complement their studies.

We offer fully online studies for children so that students from around the globe can study at the comfort of their home. This platform is also suitable for homeschooling parents to fully support their needs and also can help school going children to compensate for any learning gap.

madrasah blending madani syllabus with 21st century skills

Our goal is to blend Madani Syllabus with 21st Century skills such as Computing, programming , English and thinking skills following the Nizaam syllabus during the time of khaleefah.

expert Teachers

Our biggest strength is our teachers panel alhamdulillah. Our expert teachers made the state of the art contents that is engaging , fun and easy to grasp.

 Interactive contents,videos and Quality resources

We have introduced 3D and 2D interactive contents that will enhance learning to the next level. The videos are professionally edited and resources such as notes, Interactive books, lessons are  organized such a manner to have the best learning experience InshaaAllah.

Subjects that we offer

Following are the subjects we teach in various levels of our madrasah


One of the key 21st century skill is computing that includes coding, Data Structure, Algorithm  etc. Here in Rawdatun , we have introduced computing very early and InshaAllah our students will be able to be competent programmers early in their lives.

Quran and Tazweed

These knowledge are the fundamentals that we are focusing  . As a madrasah , this is our  key focus.

Craft and design

We have introduced Craft and Design in our curriculum that will enhance student's ability to think and improve their design sense.


The knowledge of the Seerah of our prophet (Pbuh) is a fundamental criteria to understand Islam. As such, we have kept a fully fledged curriculum for this subject.


This is the language of Quran and this single fact is enough to make it necessary knowledge of Islam.

Science of Hadith and Hadith Studies
These knowledge are the fundamentals that we are focusing  . As a madrasah , this is our  key focus.

Language of own community is an important part to spread dawah . So, we have focused on this too.


A skill that is a must . We , Muslims has a legacy of huge contributions towards mathematics. In fact , the rise of Algebra was introduced to solve the problem of law of inheritance of Islam.


We , Muslims has a legacy in Science and Technology and we were the pioneers in Chemistry, Medicine etc from the time of later khaleefah.

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